Cloud computing stack targets operators/IT, developers and end users with different set of services and operations which refer to IaaS, Paas and SaaS. Cloud computing suites from leading vendors enable private, public and hybrid cloud deployments. IzelTech has set up competency to work with the domains across leading cloud technology providers: OpenStack, VMware, Amazon and Microsoft Azure. IzelTech has substantial expertise in building platforms for integrating product environments with these cloud technologies. Our skillset encompasses virtualization, storage, network and cloud APIs. Our expertise can be leveraged for developing software and services for integration with cloud infrastructures (private or public), building solutions extending cloud services (*-as-a-Service).


Public Clouds

  • Automated migration/cloning of on-premise application stacks
  • ITaaS – IT services management via a cloud based platform as a Service
  • Hybrid cloud services management platform via an on-premise cloud connector appliance
  • Porting of device drivers for cloud computing deployment
  • Porting of appliance based solutions for cloud computing deployment
  • Creation of custom cloud templates
  • Development of fully automated, multi-tenant, and auto-scalable “as-a-Service” solutions
  • Rapid development of software solutions over IaaS platforms



openstackdevelopment lifecycle


  • Contribute to all phases of the OpenStack development lifecycle, from green-field projects to migration to scale-out optimization.
  • Participation and engagement in the OpenStack Community in terms of design and code contributions.
  • Well engineered solutions which span all the OpenStack projects like Nova, Cinder, Swift etc.
  • OpenStack driver development to better integrate hardware and software solutions with OpenStack.
  • IaaS custom OpenStack deployments, custom support for OpenStack clouds.

OpenStack contributions

Compute Live Migrations, Taskflow, Conductor, Unified input validations etc.
Object Storage Metering and Monitoring (Ganglia, Nagios) for Swift Clusters
Block Storage Volume Migrations, SheepDog, LVM/ISCSI, Drivers for FalconStor
Bare Metal Better block storage, network integration with Bare Metal provisioning. Actively contribute to the Ironic project (Planned)
Dashboard Proper limits/quota info display, UI glitches
Shared Services Keystone atomic api transactions, Glance NFS image storage (Planned)


VMware vCloud

  • Automating integration and customization of vCloud platforms
  • Business continuity solutions for protecting vCloud objects: organizations, VDCs, vApps, catalogs – vCloud Director API
  • vCloud consumer operations and vApp provisioning – vCloud Director Tenant API
  • vClould platform and tenant administration- vCloud Director Admin/Extension API
  • vCenter ChargeBack manager integration for cost configuration and reporting – ChargeBack Manager API
  • vCloud Networking and Security management – vShield REST API, vShield CLI