Founded in early 2007 , IzelTech is a privately held software product development organization with a strong and dynamic team of professionals with over 555 years of cumulative experience in architecturing , developing , testing and building software solutions for several product companies . We push the boundaries to make things better , more robust , cost-effective and faster for our customers . Clients value IzelTech for its unbiased recommendations and seek our advice on finding new and creative solutions to solve their needs and challenges in the cloud computing , cloud storage , virtualization & storage networking domains . We effectively blend  technological expertise with domain knowledge .

We follow the Agile methodology on many projects, blending it with what is best of the Waterfall model . IzelTech provides intelligent performance enhancing , cost reducing ,optimally managed solutions that dramatically simplify and accelerate the return on investment in the cloud storage , cloud computing , storage networking & virtualization domains . IzelTech innovations offer 360-degree visibility with automated solutions & performance correlation across every milestone .  The company offers cloud solutions designed specifically for customers with expectations of extreme security , reliability and redundancy levels . We also are actively involved in Enterprise Application development and User Experience development along with our focus on Systems space . We have segregated our competencies in cloud and data center offerings to give our customers a perspective of our expertise .


We believe in following best-suited practices as per the client requirements . We use relevant methodical engineering processes to enhance the preciseness of the products . We have a state-of-the-art development center in Pune , India . For development as well as Testing , we extensively use virtualization for the benefits it offers such as server consolidation , test environment setup ease , simultaneous multiple platforms testing , etc .


However , technology isn’t the only thing that is important to us . To build a world-class company , you need much more  — you need the right experience , a culture of teamwork and a focus on the long term goal , clearly defining what is important in getting there . That’s what IzelTech thinks and acts upon . We strive to ensure our employees have the perfect work-life balance to sustain growth .


Over the years , IzelTech is enhancing its reputation as a consultant as we architect optimal , high performance and platform independent solutions that yield our customers a rapid return on investment and with foresight to ensure our solutions include the latest and evolving technology to reduce need for future change .
Our investment in R&D is consistently high, so the products which we are working on stay abreast and current with the new emerging trends and technology . We try and understand end user market, requirements and demands of the market . This allows us to align ourselves with the changing market dynamics .


We provide excellent QA services to achieve exceptional quality with detailed test methodologies . We have extensive experience in CLI testing (shell , Perl , Python) as well as GUI testing (web , Selenium) . Most of the projects , once stabilized ,  have taken up  test automation ; the ROI due to this is high . We have one of the highest ratio in the industry of test engineers to development engineers on each project (30%) .


IzelTech may be the ONLY company that


ico-more  Offers >Cloud Storage Solutions that are Both Hardware and File – System independent — we can deploy
      the cloud on any platform of your choice .
ico-more  Is specifically focused on Cloud Storage Services for MSPs , ISVs and OEMs .
ico-more  Has solutions and experience for any type of cloud environment — be it private , public or Hybrid cloud .
ico-more  Boasts of experienced software engineers in all fields — from kernel developers to QA , Linux and Windows 
      platform experts .

ico-more  Provides cost effective soln as a managed service whilst reducing the go – to-market time for our clients .

Overall , it can be truly said that IzelTech has true theoretical and practical expertise in the domains which it considers are really its own .