Storage Expertise




storage-networking-domainIzelTech has multiple degrees of expertise in the storage networking domain. The primary area of our work has been data protection solutions across platforms and across applications for mission critical data. IzelTech has considerable experience in the area of Bare Metal Recovery especially for Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris environments.

In the area of storage optimization, IzelTech’s focus has been on data de-duplication at file level during backups. Integration of this solution with a third party solution requires minimal changes to the environment.

IzelTech also caters to ISVs and OEMs working in the storage networking domain, specifically in the NAS product lines. Our product development team has in-depth expertise in Kernel and Application programming, Device driver development, Storage networking protocols, Network File Systems.
Entire product development life cycle in these areas falls in our capability map.


Data Protection

  • Block-level device drivers for CDP (Continuous Data Protection), CDR (Continuous Data Replication) or point-in-time backups
  • Application aware data protection solutions for Exchange, SharePoint, AD, SQL, Hyper-V, VMware
  • Runtime block level Snapshot support
  • Bare Metal Recovery especially for Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris environments
  • Full Server Backup and Restore, database backup, VM Backup etc
  • Email Migration, Exchange Archiving, eDiscovery


Storage Enhancements

  • NFS, CIFS proxy implementation for load balancing
  • SSD-optimized File Systems
  • ISCSI Target Performance Optimization
  • iSCSI Target Compliance Verification Automation
  • File-level De-duplication Solutions


Cloud Storage

  • Integration of traditional backup solutions with cloud storage
  • Appliance based solution for improvement of data access performance through local storage caching
  • Disk based persistent caching with configurable caching filters
  • Support for additional persistent ACLs for cloud storage
  • Access to cloud storage over NAS protocols like NFS, CIFS, FTP, WebDAV
  • Integrated access to multiple cloud storage platforms