Rewards and Benefits

IzelTech is committed to ensuring that we offer market competitive salaries and benefits, which enable us to recruit and retain the best in all of our chosen markets. We also recognize that reward is more than just about money.

We offer a range of core and voluntary benefits, personal development and work-life balance opportunities that give you the flexibility to choose what’s right for you, in an environment where you feel valued. Ultimately, we aim to ensure all our employees focus on achieving sustainable success for themselves and their business, and share in our passion to bring service to life.

Attractive programs like Employee Referral Bonus Program help you bring in your friends and colleagues who you are comfortable working with. We are amongst the few organizations that promote and encourage employees to bring in their spouses to ensure they can coordinate their work timings to balance their personal lives. Our focus on a healthy work-life balance and flexible working environment sets us apart from most companies.

Enjoy @ IzelTech

From sports events like cricket tourneys, adventure treks, offsite team building expeditions, quizzes which make you think, to celebrating festivals, employee birthdays, etc. IzelTech has organized them all. We have a team dedicated to ensuring that extracurricular activities never cease.

We encourage employees to bring their guitars to work, nurture their hobbies, to reduce their stress and increase their happiness. We love outings and holidays! We foster a culture of fun, interactions and collaboration with such events. We follow no particular dress code and our crew can choose to wear whatever they are comfortable with as long it is decent and presentable.

We do not believe in restricting Internet usage and we expect our people to enjoy their freedom with responsibility. We avoid the “corner office culture” and folks can sit according to the client they’re working on or as per their convenience.

Learning and Development

At IzelTech, we believe we hire only the very best talent and we want to protect our investment by making sure you develop in all walks of life.

Firstly, we do all we can to make sure you get maximum learning from your job by placing you in the right team based on your competencies, setting clear objectives, creating an atmosphere of collaboration, innovation and challenge, supported by a strong coaching culture. IzelTech fosters a culture of innovation, which is applied to every aspect of work life, be it planning, designing, coding or testing. Here, every employee is challenged with exciting work and is provided with a work environment which fosters innovation and team work; which provides empowerment and extracts accountability.

Secondly, we have excellent formal training, using the latest research and best practice to design scenarios which are stimulating, engaging and completely relevant. Not only will we help you acquire and hone the skills and knowledge you need to do your current job, we also prepare you for your future career moves. We feel proud to have a state-of-the-art talent nurturing program, designed to fast track the high potential we see in our employees. We are deeply committed to continuous career development of our people and we facilitate this through a variety of ways including coaching, mentoring and training.

Finally, we commit to helping you to develop your technical, communication and thought processes to help you achieve your highest goals. We guarantee true freedom– to pose and debate over established norms to create innovative products for some of the best companies around the world.