IzelTech’s vision is to become an industry leader in outsourced software product development services through cutting edge technology, service excellence and innovation in Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Storage and Networking domains.

Our Mission

  •  To invest in our commitment to excellence paving the way for the future
  •  To develop innovative processes and products
  •  To provide value driven processes
  •  To provide excellent and unmatched services
  •  To provide stringent quality tested deliverables
  •  To invest in people
  •  To produce predictable earnings to our shareholders

Core Values

Depend On Us

depend on us

Every employee at IzelTech is dedicated to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Every employee propagates this belief Depend on Us and will go beyond his expectations to ensure you are happy. You can rest assured that our processes would adhere to the quality norms specified by you. We value transparency and visibility in all our business relationships.

People first, Technology Next

  •  At IzelTech, we define values as Ethical Principles. Our values are derived from a unique combination of Ethical practices and Principles.
  •  We have ensured that these values are inculcated in every aspect of the organization. IzelTech is a technology-driven people organization.
  •  We believe in our key strength i.e. People. We value the knowledge and experience they bring to IzelTech. We are an example of solutions being only a byproduct of a happy set of people using technology to solve day to day problems.

Embrace Change & learn from it

Our product management and engineering teams are constantly researching & developing using the latest technologies available be it in the cloud computing, cloud storage, virtualization or any other of our data center offerings. We revel in finding and working with new cutting edge technologies to solve customer problems long term.

embrace change new

Time is Money

We innovate & develop solutions to reduce your Go-To-Market time. Ensuring 100% timely delivery to help you plan your release is our commitment. We plan well to deliver exceptionally well.

Find innovative solutions to reduce cost and improve efficiency
By innovating processes & products and providing quality in every path of the Delivery Life Cycle, we intend to develop mutually beneficial associations. Our engagement models ensure we serve you in the best way you want us, keeping your bottom-line our primary focus.