Our offerings in the Application Development space:

  • Application Development
  • Programming Services
  • Customization Services
  • Database Migration Services
  • Application Maintenance Services
  • Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Sample applications:

1. We have a web application which enables enterprise users to share data with any user at any place any time. In order to ensure this, the application makes use of the cloud to share data, relying heavily on the data security feature of the same. Enterprise data can be accessed from within the enterprise boundaries, and also without, by using a portal on the cloud. The basic design of the project is based on three tier architecture:

  • Endpoint – portal – sync server, where endpoint is any client device(mobile, laptop, PC), portal is middle tier which routes the request to appropriate server and sync server is where data resides.
  • Architecture of this product mainly focuses on extendibility and scalability.
  • Use of platform independent technologies ensures that the product can run on Windows as well as Linux systems.
  • In addition, users can use mobile devices to share and synchronize business data, ensuring data availability and consistency.
  • The portal implementation, the REST interface, socket coommunication and even the database integration are coded in Python.


2. The product is a mapping framework for mobile applications. The key feature of this framework is to map user interest with the area/ location (shop, bank, park, building, person etc.) The user provides his areas of interest and the apps, which are built using this framework, guide the user with the options pertaining to that area (i.e. services provided by that area like booking, calling etc.) The product implements the Layar Reality Browser which is a mobile augmented reality application available for Android devices. OAuth 1.0, Google places and Groupon were also implemented.

  • Augmented reality technology allows us to view digital information superimposed onto reality with the aid of cameras, GPS, compasses and accelerometers. With Layar installed on a modern smart phone, anyone can easily discover new information by simply looking around their world.
  • A user could share his area of interest with others by sending a link through email, sms or could share it by posting the link on Twitter.

Generic Technology & Tools Skills:

    Platforms : Windows, Linux, UNIX, MacOS.

  • Virtualization: VMWare vSphere, ESX, Hyper–V, Xen.
  • Cloud Platforms (IaaS, PaaS) : Azure Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Rackspace, OpenStack, Cloud Foundry.
  • Methodologies: OOA & Design, UML, Requirement Analysis & Gathering using User Stories, Use Cases & Scenario Analysis.
  • Languages, Architectures and Frameworks: Windows – C, C++, C#, .Net Framework/ASP/ASP.net, WCF, WPF, MVC, MVVM architecture, Silverlight, PowerShell, Linux/UNIX – C, C++, scripting languages – shell/bash, Perl, Python Web – PHP, Java Script.
  • Network programming – Client/Server, Web Services/SOAP, Distributed Architectures and Frameworks, Nagios, Open VPN LDAP.

Enterprise Applications &Web Application Technologies:

  • Web Services/SOAP, Java technologies.
  • BEA tuxedo, Web Sphere MQ.
  • Indexer Engines.
  • Web Servers – Apache, IIS.
  • Web Application Frameworks – like Drupal, PHPXampp, Joomla, Liferay.
  • Web UI Technologies: ASP, ASP.net, Ajax, HTML, HTML 5, Ajax, Flex.
  • Databases: MySQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server.