IzelTech’s expertise in the virtualization domain is predominantly in the area of VADP- based backup of virtual machines. We have exploited and extended the VADP (vStorage API for Data Protection) to create a backup mechanism with some unique features:

No down time for the machine: We use the CBT (Change Based Tracking) mechanism exported by VADP effectively during continuous backup creation, which allows backups with reduced or no downtime for the machine.

Non-sequential backups: As the number of machines being backed up in a data center or cloud environment is very large , existing backup mechanisms are not adequate. Our mechanism solves this problem by allowing machines to be backed up simultaneously (non-sequentially), making the number of machine backups highly scalable, thus saving time. The backups process is managed easily using a centralized console, which provides scheduling and other backup management features.

Flexible storage: We enable the backups to be stored locally or on the cloud, making the process LAN-free.