Storage Networking

Storage Networking technology has been growing at an exceedingly rapid rate and the pace at which innovations and technologies have been releasing in the market has put immense pressure on Storage Networking Vendors for faster rollouts of quality products. IzelTech is one of the few service companies in India with a focus and extensive experience in Storage and Storage Networking technology.

IzelTech has multiple areas of expertise in the area of storage networking systems. The primary area of our work has been block- level device drivers in order to implement CDP (continuous data protection), CDR (continuous data replication), or point- in- time backups. IzelTech has expertise in VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service). We have worked with VSS writers for different applications such as Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, Active Directory, ASR, Hyper-V etc. IzelTech has considerable experience in the area of Bare Metal Recovery, especially for Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris environments.

In the area of storage networking optimization, IzelTech’s focus has been on data duplication (de-dup) at file level during backups. Integrating our backup tool with any setup requires minimal changes to the environment.

IzelTech also caters to ISV’s and OEM’s working in the storage networking domain. Companies focused on NAS products and allied products are also our target audience. Our product development team has in-depth expertise in Kernel and Application programming, Device driver development, Storage networking protocols, Firmware, RAID systems, NAS, Backup & Replication, Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and Network File Systems. We specialize in building software components that are part of the management suite that resides on a NAS box. Entire product development life cycle in this area falls in our capability map.

Our extensive experience in offshore concept to solutions development for Storage Networking products and flexible business models in terms of offering fixed cost project bids or just competent Storage Networking resources has made us a partner of choice to leading Storage Networking vendors. Our entire services profile right from development, testing and verification across various storage networking platforms has been a great value proposition to our clients.

Storage Networking Product Competency Areas
Kernel Block Level, Network Storage
File System EXT2, EXT3, DFS, NFS, CIFS, AFP
Applications Sync, Backup, Snapshot, Remote Replication, SAN, NAS
UI & Management .NET, Java, Corba, SMI-S, CIM, WBEM
Frameworks VDS, VSS, WMI, SMI-S
OSS Technology Python, Apache, Perl, MySQL, Eclipse
Services Quality, Testing, Technical Support, Documentation, Application Porting
OS Windows, MacOS X, Linux, Unix, AIX
Backup, Replication, Continuous Data Protection, De-duplication Runtime Block level Snapshot supportBlock level Continuous Data ProtectionIntegration of Data Deduplication modulesBareMetal Recovery on all platforms
Device Drivers (Windows and *nix) Windows
Generic VSS requester for all supported writers – System State, ASR, DFS, SQL, ExchangeASR writer for Windows XP as NTFS VDBackup/restore using VDI infrastructureVolume filter driver for snapshotsNDIS and TDI drivers File-system filter driversDirectCIFS and DirectNFSDesktop security – SecureFileWeb-server security – SecureSite
*nix (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, MacOS)
LKM for encryption with custom ACLs and 2 factor authenticationDevice mapper targets to implement CDP mechanismLKM for mounting Virtual Volume Images from backed up dataEnhancements in multiple snapshot of LVM to reduce CoW operationsBlock level snapshot drivers for FreeBSDContinuous Data Protection drivers for SolarisBaremetal Recovery using pseudo devices on MacOS 10.6Full scale iSCSI driver based on IETF draft
File Systems – Local, Distributed, Clustered, LustreFS Distributed File Systems – NFS, CIFS proxy implementation for load balancing
LustreFS performance measurement and feature enhancements Stackable File Systems implementing encryption, compression
SCSI, Fiber Channel, Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), NDMP Fiber channel (FC)- Drivers/ FcoEISCSI Target Performance OptimizationiSCSI Target Compliance Verification AutomationSCSI- Drivers