The biggest concern in delegating today is that of risk identification and risk mitigation thereof. IzelTech’s flexible engagement models not only provide its clients freedom to choose the appropriate engagement model as per requirement, but also help in assessing risks and mitigating them.


In the initial discussions with the prospective client, we make it a point to understand and evaluate the project requirements, project complexities, as well as the volatility of the client’s business needs. Based on the project complexities and business volatility, we recommend an appropriate engagement model for the relationship to start. The rationale behind this is to assess technology risks, business risks and manpower risks and mitigate the same by an appropriate deployment of our resources. IzelTech proposes the following engagement models:

Virtual Development Lab

The virtual development lab (VDL) is an extension of the hybrid model except that it is deployed for long-term, consistent, annuity engagements. The VDL becomes an extension of the client’s own development team, as well as has a dedicated team assigned for the duration of the engagement.

Dedicated Development Center

This engagement expects a mature environment, with stable requirements and defined delivery milestones. The entire team is based at a single location. However , for knowledge acquisition and transfer from the client, a small team may be deployed onsite for a short duration.

Hybrid Model

This is the most beneficial model for an engagement. A small onsite component is deployed at the client’s location for client interaction, project program management, scoping and design and final implementation. At the same time, a larger team is based at IzelTech’s development center in Pune, India . This team does the design, implementation, testing and deployment. Typically, IzelTech recommends an onsite-offsite ratio of 1:3 or 1:4 for maximum benefits, in terms of project management and cost optimizations. In this kind of a model, the engagement is generally evolving and the project requirements are changing though fairly stable.

Global Resourcing

Because we offer both domestic and hybrid resources, IzelTech can provide an unbiased assessment of the best approach to minimize risk, cost, and time-to-market. IzelTech has a domestic staff of consultants, architects, project managers, developers and SQE/SQA staff. IzelTech’s domestic staff will provide oversight to ensure the success of your program no matter where the development is performed. Because IzelTech reduces the risks and inconveniences of global resourcing, you can benefit from the cost savings while retaining the advantages of an industry leading US software consulting company.

Build-Operate-Transfer (B-O-T)

B-O-T is being increasingly used in establishing dedicated centers, particularly in India. Through this model, we help the client set up the development centre from start to finish. This process covers establishment of the operation, acquisition of facilities and staff and extends to actually running the centre for a defined period. Once the centre and services are well established, management and ownership is transferred to the customer. This proven service transfer platform is designed to ensure process integrity and minimize inherent migration risks.