openstackdevelopment lifecycle

  • Contribute to all phases of the OpenStack development lifecycle, from green-field projects to migration to scale-out optimization.

  • Participation and engagement in the OpenStack Community in terms of design and code contributions.

  • Well engineered solutions which span all the OpenStack projects like Nova, Cinder, Swift etc.

  • OpenStack driver development to better integrate hardware and software solutions with OpenStack.

  • IaaS custom OpenStack deployments, custom support for OpenStack clouds.

OpenStack contributions

Compute Live Migrations, Taskflow, Conductor, Unified input validations etc.
Object Storage Metering and Monitoring (Ganglia, Nagios) for Swift Clusters
Block Storage Volume Migrations, SheepDog, LVM/ISCSI, Drivers for FalconStor
Bare Metal Better block storage, network integration with Bare Metal provisioning. Actively contribute to the Ironic project (Planned)
Dashboard Proper limits/quota info display, UI glitches
Shared Services Keystone atomic api transactions, Glance NFS image storage (Planned)