Backup, Replication, Continuous Data Protection, De-duplication

  • Runtime Block level Snapshot support
  • Block level Continuous Data Protection
  • Integration of Data Deduplication modules
  • BareMetal Recovery on all platforms


  • Generic VSS requester for all supported writers  – System State, ASR, DFS, SQL, Exchange
  • ASR writer for Windows XP as NTFS VD
  • Backup/restore using VDI infrastructureVolume filter driver for snapshots
  • NDIS and TDI drivers File-system filter drivers
  • DirectCIFS and DirectNFS
  • Desktop security – SecureFile
  • Web-server security – SecureSite

*nix (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, MacOS)

  • LKM for encryption with custom ACLs and 2 factor authentication
  • Device mapper targets to implement CDP mechanism
  • LKM for mounting Virtual Volume Images from backed up data
  • Enhancements in multiple snapshot of LVM to reduce CoW operations
  • Block level snapshot drivers for FreeBSD
  • Continuous Data Protection drivers for Solaris
  • Baremetal Recovery using pseudo devices on MacOS 10.6
  • Full scale iSCSI driver based on IETF draft

File Systems – Local, Distributed, Clustered, LustreFS

  • Distributed File Systems – NFS, CIFS proxy implementation for load balancing.
  • LustreFS performance measurement and feature enhancements Stackable File Systems implementing encryption, compression.

SCSI, Fiber Channel, Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), NDMP

  • Fiber channel (FC)- Drivers/ FcoE
  • ISCSI Target Performance Optimization
  • iSCSI Target Compliance Verification Automation
  • SCSI- Drivers