Founded in early 2007, IzelTech is a privately held software product development services organization with a strong and dynamic team of professionals with over 555 years of cumulative experience in designing , developing , testing and building software solutions for several product companies. We push the boundaries to make things better, more robust, cost-effective and faster for our customers. Clients value IzelTech for its unbiased recommendations and seek our advice on finding new and creative solutions to solve their needs and challenges in the cloud computing, virtualization, storage and networking domains. We effectively blend technological expertise with domain knowledge.

 IzelTech may be the ONLY company that:-

10 reasons why you must consider IzelTech to be your technology partner:

  •  We innovate & develop solutions to reduce your Go-To Market time. Ensuring 100% timely delivery to help you plan your release is our commitment. We plan well to deliver exceptionally well.
  •  Our investment in R&D is consistently high, so the products which we are working on stay abreast and current with the new emerging trends and technology. We nurture talent and conduct programs which drive employees towards master certifications in their respective technology domains.
  • We try and understand end user market, requirements and demands of the market. This allows us to align ourselves with the changing market dynamics.
  • Training – we believe in creating talent and increasing the overall pool of talented people in the Storage world.
  • We have team of experts working with us who are overall managed by extremely talented Project Managers and Project Delivery Managers with vast experience who are trained on people management. Our extensive experience across industry verticals and domain expertise ensures creating solutions with business benefits to all our clients. We believe in Result Oriented Creativity, which is why our team has amassed an enviable clientele across the globe.
  • We offer single and multi-tenant cloud solutions that provide business agility, faster service delivery and improved productivity. We strive towards lowering your recurring operational costs and administration overhead due to high levels of automation. We also offer virtual infrastructure management, Cloud management, Cloud automation & IT optimization and application performance management services.
  • We value your time like we do ours. We won’t leave you waiting for a response till day’s end – we are constantly talking with you through e-mail, phone, project management software, etc. Every acknowledgement is done within 24 working hours.
  • We challenge ourselves to reduce your Go-To market time to ensure that you profit from this engagement. As we value our customer deadlines, we simplify our processes to produce quality and faster results to meet our clients schedule.
  • IzelTech network is secured with multiple layers of security and Network isolation. We have elaborate sandbox arrangements with several VMWare Servers for development and testing across different platforms simultaneously, using automation. Its robust administrative controls perimeter defence to help protect your data and services.
    Corporate Social Responsibility: Keeping our world clean and green. Have planted 22 trees all around our development center to keep the environment green.Ensuring as a moral responsibility and company culture, turning off appliances when not in use (lights, air conditioners, vending machines, computer attached peripherals).