Max-AckerManMax served as the Vice President of Research & Development, leading advance technology initiatives across all Infrascale product lines and technology sets, before taking up the CTO position with IzelTech.
Max is a proven leader in the data protection industry and brought extensive industry knowledge to the Infrascale executive team. Max formerly served as founder and CEO of Eversync Solutions, acquired by Infrascale in June of 2014.
Prior to Eversync, Max served as the Co-founder and CTO of Phobos Corp., where, in just 3 years, his extensive entrepreneurial, management, team building, and engineering skills led to SonicWALL’s $279 million acquisition of Phobos in 2000. SonicWall was later acquired by Dell in 2012.
Max has a history of innovative technology product development spanning 20 years for various companies. His past successful product developments, both hardware and software, include SonicWALL and Cisco’s SSL security offloading and acceleration devices; Phobos’ line of networking products for Oracle, Hewlett Packard, and Silicon Graphics Incorporated, as well as Phobos’ network traffic load balancers.
Max received his degree in Computer Science from the University of Vermont, NH.