IzelTech was cofounded by Shyam Bhurke. Shyam had more than 38 years of experience in the Banking and Finance Industry prior to founding IzelTech in early 2007.

Before founding IzelTech, Shyam worked with ‘Bank of Maharashtra’ (one of the largest Nationalized Banks in India) for 38 years. He retired as DGM (Deputy General Manager) in December 2006. He has also been the Director of three Regional Rural Banks funded by ‘Bank of Maharashtra’ . Whilst working with the banking sector , Shyam took an active interest in teaching and training young professional to share his knowledge and empower the youth through his experiences. During this time, he further helped the society by being the dean at Maharashtra banking, management and training colleges. Shyam has extensive experience in Financial Management, Foreign Exchange and Business Development. Till date, Shyam has published nineteen books on Finance & Management and delivered more than two thousand lectures including Finance & Management.

During his free time, Shyam has taken an active interest in writing & acting. He has acted in at least 15 different dramas on stage and has written numerous skits during this time. One could liken him to a contemporary artist who has been acting, writing during the past 30 years, each time ensuring he uses the current topics at hand to appeal to his audience. He has staged more than a 1000 talk shows on Marathi literature and has published 15 books on public speaking and literature. He has won the “Best One-Act Play” award at All India Banks association & more recently has been involved in conducting “Laughing Yoga” programs in India, Sri Lanka & the US. His participation in the global cultural festival in Thailand last year reaped rich benefits in terms of spreading awareness amongst the youth.

Shyam is heavily involved with social work. His passion to share his knowledge and experience with today’s youth to ensure they are well directed and are on the right path supersedes all else. To this effect, he has formed self-help groups for women in villages from Maharashtra, he participates in training exercises for the unemployed youth & he has conducted adult literacy programs, When the opportunity arose post an earthquake in central India a few years ago, he was amongst the first to ensure he helped in rehabilitation of the injured and the victims of this disaster. Even today, every year, he is part of the society which ensure food & sweets reach distant border towns of India for the soldiers fighting our battles out there.

By qualification, Shyam is M.Com, LLB and CAIIB and by experience,  he outweighs most of the personnel we know today in the banking & finance sector but through his generosity and determination, Shyam is a humanitarian and his businesses are socially responsible to ensure that people are aptly guided & driven to succeed.