Concept and Mind Mapping

Introduction The aim of this article is to describe some proven techniques used for recording information in the documentation team: Concept Maps and Mind Maps. These methods can effectively support and enhance creative problem solving and are generally applicable to all domains of knowledge. Concept and Mind Maps can be used to quickly identify and […]

Changed Block Tracking

Anybody who has ever worked on developing VM backup and restore or the Replication features, will tell you that it’s a chore to have to figure out the changed blocks on our own. Well, you guessed it right, VMware took a note of it. And as part of the efforts to simplify and improve the […]

Benefits of Automated Testing

If you have ever tested applications or Web sites manually, you are aware of the drawbacks. Manual testing is time-consuming and tedious, requiring a heavy investment in human resources. Worst of all, time constraints often make it impossible to manually test every feature thoroughly before the application is released. This leaves you wondering whether serious […]

Hello all!

Hello, all! Welcome to IzelTech’s blog! This blog is supposed to contain almost anything technical – especially IT technical. All IzelTechians are welcome to contribute, and both IzelTechians and non-IzelTechians can participate in the puzzles and quizzes that are put up from time-to-time. PUZZLE: 1. Two or Zero? Given the mathematical expression puzzle, 7 – […]