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Hello, all! Welcome to IzelTech’s blog! This blog is supposed to contain almost anything technical – especially IT technical. All IzelTechians are welcome to contribute, and both IzelTechians and non-IzelTechians can participate in the puzzles and quizzes that are put up from time-to-time.


1. Two or Zero?

Given the mathematical expression puzzle, 7 – 6 + 1 = ?  is the answer 2 or 0?  If you evaluate from left to right, the answer is 2. But, if we apply the formula MODBAS, which says addition has higher precedence than subtraction, then the answer is 0. Which is correct?

2. You are logged on to your new Linux machine, and are staring at the command prompt in a shell window.

How will you create a file on disk by typing only two characters? (–followed by the ENTER key, of course)

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